Kitchen Plumbing Repairs and Replacements

Whether it’s something simple like a new dishwasher that needs plumbing in, a  garbage disposal installation, faucet upgrades, or an emergency involving a burst pipe or a leaking tap, we can be there to help you out.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. They tend to be the central focus of our lives.  Preparing three meals a day (and clean up) requires time and effort, so we gather in the kitchen to keep the cook company, to assist in preparation or even provide a dry towel for dish duty. Many homes are now equipped with islands where the children do their homework or guests hang out.  So wouldn’t you want the heart of your home to show the love you express daily?

Upgrading faucets, replacing old sinks, installing energy efficient appliances and those great ice and water in-door refrigerators add to the welcome feel of your home’s heart. We can help.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Perhaps the most important task you can and should take on regularly is cleaning the garbage disposal and drain in order to avoid possible clogs. Food remnants that are left within this appliance will not only produce bacteria and foul odors, but will also disrupt the proper functioning of the appliance.  By taking a few simple steps you can extend the life of your disposal.

  1. Plug sink and fill with 2-4 inches of cold water. Then unplug sink and turn on the disposal. This will help lift the small particles and get them down the drain.

  2. For a deep clean: When you have old ice in the ice maker that needs to be disposed of, add it to the sink of water and then run the disposal. This will help knock sludge and debris off of the grinding elements so that they can make their way down the drain.

  3. For smells wafting up from the drain add a little soap to the above sink of water.  Or when you have lemon, lime or orange peels add them to the disposal. The release of their citrus oils will freshen up the disposal and room.